3 Important Things For Your Future

The three most important things for your future are three C’s that start with T:

  1. Think clearly
  2. Communicate
  3. Connect

To make it real,you have to be real.If

1. Think clearly

Thinking clearly is about things making sense in your own head. It needs to make sense to you before anything else can follow.

Two easy exercises to help with clear thinking are journaling and editing. Journaling is a great way to introspect. To get your unclear thoughts out where you can see them. Expect a journal to be a mess. That’s how clear thinking starts.

When you catch an idea worth exploring, take it further. Write it out. Then edit.

Writing is a right-brain function, where your subconscious is unleashed. Editing is a left-brain function, where your logical side fixes the errors, which in turn improves your subconscious mind.

2. Communicate

Clear thinking is about you, communicating is about me. Once you have something clear in your own head, you need to put it in a package my head will accept.

To communicate, you need to turn an idea into a story.

To be a good communicator, the best thing you can do is be quiet. You need to listen and observe. You need to watch how I react to things. See my expressions. Hear my tone.

Once you can put yourself into my head, then you get into my head. Then you can tell me a story I can hear.

3. Connect

Connecting is about us. It’s about making it real. To make it real, you have to be real. If it’s real to me too, sparks will fly.

You can practice clear thinking. You can observe good communication. But you can’t learn to connect reading a book or taking a course.

To connect you have to make yourself vulnerable. You have to put yourself out there. You have to be willing to face rejection by those it’s not real to. You have to be willing to lay your heart on many tables until it sticks somewhere.