Parents, Kid(s) Under 2, Dream of Traveling the World?

We want you to join us in being parents outside the box

Are you a young (25-40) parent, with kid(s) under two years old that wants to travel the world? Then we want you to join us.


We’re new parents. Our daughter, Olivia, just turned four months old. As you know, the shift to parenthood is a dramatic one. Life changes. It’s suddenly difficult to relate to those without kids—it’s impossible to understand the intensity of the passion and devotion you have for this child, and the shift in priorities, until you’re faced with it.

But on the other end, many parents are caught up in the hustle and bustle of status quo life. They’re content to burn the hours of the day on a decent job, to buy a decent house, to get the kids in a decent school, and to find a two weeks a year to forget about the the other 50.

Nothing against it, the average life has just never been for us.

Cut Down a Tree and Grow Some Holiday Traditions

The day we get our Christmas tree is the most important tradition of the season. This is the day that sets the spirit for the rest of the year. If we rush after work to the store for a tree, thoughtlessly pour some decorations out of a tattered box and sling them on just in time to catch a late show… well then that is how our holiday season is going to be: rushed, thoughtless, and in the way.

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We dedicate a whole day to kicking off the Christmas season. We start with a relaxing morning and a good, home-cooked breakfast; head out to a real tree farm out of town; stroll in the brisk, winter air sipping hot chocolate and cider; find our perfect tree and cut it down ourselves; and spend the evening decorating the tree and listening to Christmas music.

Friday I’m Going On A Date

No matter how exciting—or more often uneventful—the days may be, it is only natural that we fall into a routine. To save us from this seemingly innocent but nefarious trap is: Friday date night.

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It doesn’t happen every Friday. My job requires that I work a third of them. And other important things no doubt come up. But as often as circumstances allow, we reserve Friday night for us: