A Compelling Vision, Excited To Jump Out of Bed

Think back to your childhood. It’s Christmas Eve. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t fall asleep. You lay, staring at the ceiling, trying to hush your mind so Christmas can be here.

What compelling vision gets you out of bed?

You open your eyes. Not like normal days, where the lids seems to take the strength of an army to lift. Today, they fly open like a cork popping out of a bottle of champagne.

It doesn’t matter that you hardly slept. It doesn’t matter that the sun isn’t up yet. It doesn’t matter that the room is cold. Before you can finish your first full breath, you throw back the covers and bounce out the door and down the hall.

Don’t you wish you could have felt that excited to wake up today?

Self-Made Financial Independence

All my life I’ve dreamed about the day I achieve financial independence. When I have enough money to survive for the rest of my life. When I can quit my job and take off around the world. When my life flips a switch from from things I have to do to things I want to do.

What would you do if you could retire

In Wailea on the island of Maui looking out into the Pacific Ocean.

But what if that dream could come much sooner? I’m not talking about winning the lotto, or striking it rich. There is another way to the life of financial independence if you reframe the objective.

Things That Matter Most for a Great Life

If you want to have a great life, you must heed the wisdom of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: “Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.”

What matters most?

To ensure what matters most is not left behind, clearly define what your most important priorities are. Zig Ziglar famously presented his top priorities in his wheel of life. Countless other important leaders have followed in his steps.

How To Design Your Perfect Week

This the final part in a three-part series on designing your perfect week. You can read the first post: here.

William Jennings Bryan said about destiny: “It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.” Achieving your destiny starts with some lofty goals, broken down into strategic objectives, and executed in manageable tasks.


Screen shot of my perfect week calendar

Whether your life is so busy you can hardly find time for your goals, or so free that you struggle with focus, to get more done towards achieving your destiny, you must design your perfect week. Here are the six steps I use:

5 Reasons To Design Your Week

This the second in a three-part series on designing your perfect week. You can read the first post: here.

Have you ever wondered, “Where did all the time go?” If you are a high achiever, trying to break out of the normal life, then you probably ask that question every day. When you’re staring up at that tall peak where you’re wildest dreams sit do you wonder, “How can I possibly get there with so much to do?” The secret is to separate your visioning from your working by designing a perfect week in advance.

5 reasons to design your perfect week

I started writing the step-by-step guide on designing your perfect week by covering why it is so important to design your perfect week. There were so many questions to elaborate on that it has become a post on its own. The guide is just a post away, but if your not totally convinced yet, or are simply excited to see what a perfect week can do for you, read on for my top 5 reasons.

5 Reasons You Don’t Need Your Job

If you want to reshape your life. If you want to live out your dream. And if that destination that you’re so ready for doesn’t include your current job, or your current company, or even your current line of work. Then your goal is something new. If you’re not entirely sure what that is yet, you’re just like most of us. I hope you’re happy now, but even that doesn’t matter because either way you’re headed for something better. If this is you, then like me, what you seek is out there, not here.

You don't need your job.

You are ready to take on the unknown. To accept life as an adventure and the future as a guiding star. So you must erase from your mind a false premise that kills such aspiration and desire. A premise that lurks in the shadows of every dreamers mind and takes control of many. A premise that starts as a rationalization to put off action, that turns into an excuse for never moving forward, and finally ends up as a scapegoat for why the dream was never achievable. Let’s take it on and put it to bed, because I don’t believe you need your job.

Find Work You Love To Do

I want to wake up every morning anxious to get my day started. To never care if it’s Monday, or Friday, or Sunday. To only care about what is ahead to be achieved, and what I can do today towards achieving it.

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One of the objectives always in the back of my mind is working to get the greatest reward out of my life, both now and in the future. Whether I am remembering to slow down and take in the moment, or finding ways to protect my family’s wealth and invest it for the future, I am seeking every day to have the best life I can possibly have.

Don’t Go Into Debt This Christmas

Black Friday is just around the corner and the holiday season is upon us. The temptation to live beyond our means will be stronger than ever, and luring us in with those holly, jolly tunes. So as we head towards Christmas MMXIII, I have one wish for my fellow life-lovers: don’t go into debt this Christmas.

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Living well within my means to get out of debt and grow wealth has been a hard-learned value. Like all values, it is easily lost by being watered down by exceptions. So I can’t make an exception to living within my means just because it’s Christmas. When I blow money on myself I feel guilty, but when I blow it on others I feel good. So it takes more effort and dedication to reign in my spending during Christmas.