7 Ways To Unplug When You Love Technology

Do you need to unplug?

I love digital. It’s thanks to digital that I can live, work, and play, all with a couple pounds that fit in my backpack. I love being able to store everything I need to remember in on place, to shop in my pajamas, and to access information a few clicks away.

Thanks to the digital revolution, I’m able to downsize physical possessions in trade for a little more freedom.

The easy access that is such a strong benefit of the digital age is also its greatest risk. How often I have found myself enjoying a moment or thinking through a problem, and at the smallest break the reaction is to fill the void by reaching for my phone or clicking to the nearest webpage.

The age of ultimate access to information and amazingly inexpensive digital tools is also one of great distraction. In this post I’ll show you 7 measures I use to stay in control of my technology.

What Will You Do With More Time?

I’ve been writing a lot about saving money, being productive to make more, and investing to further grow wealth. But why do I want to get wealthy? In short, I think good people being wealthy will dramatically change the world for the better. One reason is that more wealth gives you more time.

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Merriam-Webster defines wealth as, “An abundance of valuable material possessions or resources.” Having an abundance of what you need (by saving), or the ability to get what you need faster (by making more or having more productive investments), means you’ll have to spend less time working.

Warm Cup of Coffee and a Morning to Reflect

My favorite days are when I have a little down time early in the morning to sip a warm cup of coffee, reflect on my life, and prepare for the day ahead.

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My wife’s family has passed down a unique tradition when taking a big trip: once they are all dressed and ready to go, everyone stops and sits quietly for a moment (sometimes just a few quick seconds) and then they head out. This pause is thought to ensure they have a safe and successful trip. It gives everyone a moment to make sure nothing important is forgotten, and reminds you to slow down enough to be in control of, rather than just reacting to, life.