Self-Made Financial Independence

All my life I’ve dreamed about the day I achieve financial independence. When I have enough money to survive for the rest of my life. When I can quit my job and take off around the world. When my life flips a switch from from things I have to do to things I want to do.

What would you do if you could retire

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But what if that dream could come much sooner? I’m not talking about winning the lotto, or striking it rich. There is another way to the life of financial independence if you reframe the objective.

Become an Expert in 27 Tasks

When you first start out doing anything, a new business, or a new career path, you probably won’t have a track record to sell yourself with. But if you’re capable and hard working, you don’t need to start at the bottom somewhere and spend years working your way up the chain. You can become an expert quickly and rival people who’ve spent their lives in a career or business.

What's inside an expert's portfolio?

The most important thing is to identify the what you need to be able to deliver. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes (if we’re talking about a job, your customer is your employer or boss). What do they want from you? What can you do for them? Why would they want to pay you? If you can answer those questions with confidence and prove you can deliver, you’ll be head and shoulders over most people in any field or endeavour.

My $10 Million Vision

If there’s one sure thing I am, it’s a dreamer. And while I haven’t always achieved my dreamy goals, reaching for them has pushed me further than I ever thought possible. So I’d like to bring you down dream lane with me into one of my major goals: “10 in 10,” or what I like to call my $10 million vision.


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10 in 10 is my goal to reach a net worth of $10 million in ten years, or by the end of 2024 (I’m not too concerned about the month… if I can reach $10 million, April or December will both do just as fine).

You Should Make Money On the Side

Unless you are already independently wealthy and have your dream job, one job is not going to get you there fast enough. Every extra dollar you make now is worth tens, hundreds, maybe thousands in the future. If you want to live the dream tomorrow, you should make money on the side now.

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The obvious caveat here is that you have to enjoy your life today too, because let’s face it, you could be dead tomorrow. But that we are not invincible and should not take life for granted does not mean we should throw our future to the wind. Because if, as the odds suggest, you’re still here tomorrow, I suspect you’ll hope you’re better off than you are today.