The Best Tool for an Irregular Work Schedule

An irregular work schedule can make it difficult to optimize your life. I know because for most of my life I’ve worked irregular hours. First as a server and bartender, and now as a system operator for an electric company.


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In a few weeks I leave shift-work behind for a “9-to-5” opportunity. In celebration of a new journey, I want to share best tool I’ve used to improve my life over the last few years, despite the challenges of an irregular work schedule.

Get Fit In 3 Days A Week

I started a 6-day exercise routine last year but couldn’t keep it up. Even though each routine was very short, life continued to throw obstacles in the way. This post is an outline of the new exercise routine I’m using to get fit in only 3 days a week.

Exercise and get fit

There is value in daily exercise. Once I’m able to free up more time, I intend to go back to my daily program. But at this season in my life, daily exercise isn’t working.