Do Something Radically Different Today

Today began very routinely. Then I decided to step outside my comfort zone. I decided to make a quiche.


My quiche crust—filled with black beans as pie weights

I’ve cooked eggs many ways. I cooked my first scrambled eggs standing on a chair. Then I discovered the delicacy of fried eggs on toast. I mastered the over-medium egg in the kitchen of my first apartment. Now, the sunny-side up egg and the frittata—or “crustless” quiche—are standard breakfast in our home.

But while you can throw a frittata together in haste, a quiche must be made with care. You must make a delicate, buttery dough, well in advance. You must blend the perfect balance of eggs and cream for a silky custard filling. You must gently layer cheese, bacon and onions so they float evenly once the custard is set. And finally, you must handle the golden crust like an expensive vase.

Why would I take on such a daring task, you ask?

The cons are loud and clear. I will spend far hours more than it takes to prepare our usual breakfast. I will likely waste costly ingredients making a mistake along the way. And I fully expect the end result will be a failure—I only hope it will be edible.

But, my dear friends, I assure I embark upon this journey enthusiastically.

Let me explain why.

I can remember the last time I made sunny-side up eggs—because it was this morning. But I can’t remember a time last year that I made them. There were many, but none worth remembering.

I’m sure the series of unmemorable acts made slow, incremental refinements to my skill. And I no doubt owe this morning’s delicious breakfast to those cumulative hours of practice. But those acts did not provide anything groundbreakingI did not learn anything new.

But, today’s costly and likely-to-fail experiment will be remembered. And it will offer more lessons than I will be able to learn from at once.

I’ve heard it said that you move mountains one small rock at a time. But that’s nonsense. The earth shakes suddenly and violently, moving them in huge pieces, or even all at once.

Sure, there is a time and a place for refinement. But leaps are made by doing something radically different. And passion and creativity are fueled by shaking things up.

You don’t have to make a quiche, but do something wild and different today. I assure you, you won’t forget it.

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And, if you’d like to take a crack at this yourself, you can find the recipe in Bouchon, the cookbook from Thomas Keller.

What Are You Waiting For?

There are some very important things I want out of my life and I’ve been asking myself the question lately: “What am I waiting for?”

Don't wait, jump.

It’s hard to put a clear finger on it. I want to make sure I’ve got a good foothold on the next move before I let go of the ledge. But the deeper I dig, I’m beginning to wonder if I’m just rationalizing my fear to reach out and grab my dream life.

5 Reasons You Don’t Need Your Job

If you want to reshape your life. If you want to live out your dream. And if that destination that you’re so ready for doesn’t include your current job, or your current company, or even your current line of work. Then your goal is something new. If you’re not entirely sure what that is yet, you’re just like most of us. I hope you’re happy now, but even that doesn’t matter because either way you’re headed for something better. If this is you, then like me, what you seek is out there, not here.

You don't need your job.

You are ready to take on the unknown. To accept life as an adventure and the future as a guiding star. So you must erase from your mind a false premise that kills such aspiration and desire. A premise that lurks in the shadows of every dreamers mind and takes control of many. A premise that starts as a rationalization to put off action, that turns into an excuse for never moving forward, and finally ends up as a scapegoat for why the dream was never achievable. Let’s take it on and put it to bed, because I don’t believe you need your job.

How Lunch Can Land You Your Dream Job

Four years ago I started on a career path that changed my life. Less than six months earlier, I was waiting tables and had no idea of the opportunities in the industry I would soon be employed in. It all started with an information gathering lunch.

Taking notes on lunch about a dream job.

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In one of my countless attempts to try something new, I decided to run for political office. I was a bartender with no degree and no experience in public office. I needed to learn everything I could, and fast. One of the regulars at my bar worked for a power company, and it couldn’t hurt to learn how that industry works. So I asked him out for lunch. I could never have dreamed that less than six months later I would be putting the service industry behind me to go work for him.