Parents, Kid(s) Under 2, Dream of Traveling the World?

We want you to join us in being parents outside the box

Are you a young (25-40) parent, with kid(s) under two years old that wants to travel the world? Then we want you to join us.


We’re new parents. Our daughter, Olivia, just turned four months old. As you know, the shift to parenthood is a dramatic one. Life changes. It’s suddenly difficult to relate to those without kids—it’s impossible to understand the intensity of the passion and devotion you have for this child, and the shift in priorities, until you’re faced with it.

But on the other end, many parents are caught up in the hustle and bustle of status quo life. They’re content to burn the hours of the day on a decent job, to buy a decent house, to get the kids in a decent school, and to find a two weeks a year to forget about the the other 50.

Nothing against it, the average life has just never been for us.

Traveling is Like Magic

As I passed through the twirling doors of the Portland International Airport on our recent trip to Chicago, it occurred to me that the elated feeling I get at the airport is like the feeling I used to have as kid when I walked into a magic store.

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An airport, like a magic store, is place that inspires endless possibilities. While as a kid I dreamed of colorful handkerchiefs being pulled from nowhere, I now dream of terminals, only minutes away, capable of transporting me anywhere in world. It is truly an incredible feat, not even remotely possible only 100 years ago.